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Woodville Rugby Values

We at Woodville pride ourselves on our values and behaviours, both on and off the pitch.

Below are our agreed club values.


  • We value our members and our club

  • Everyone has a voice and is heard

  • We accept people as they are, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs.

  • We welcome new members

  • We are family


  • We care for and help one another

  • We have genuine, honest conversations

  • We come with a positive and supportive mindset

  • We collaborate and have a team 1st mentality


  • We are committed to our teammates and our club

  • We are accountable to each other

  • We are skilled and disciplined


  • We love the game, our team, and our club

  • We play to win, but also for enjoyment

  • We celebrate our wins, and learn from our losses

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